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Acquisition of U.S. Radiant Detector Technologies’ X-ray Detector Business

SII NanoTechnology Inc. announces today that its US subsidiary SII NanoTechnology USA Inc. has made the Asset Purchase Agreement with Radiant Detector Technologies, LLC (Radiant) on October 14, 2005, and agreed to acquire the X-ray detector business of Radiant, under which SII NanoTechnology USA shall succeed from Radiant all intellectual property rights, equipment, facilities and employees related to the X-ray detector business of Radiant. Operations of the X-ray detector business will commence effective November 1, 2005. This acquisition is expected to allow SII NanoTechnology to enhance fluorescent X-ray analysis key element technology, accelerate the new product development, increase the competitiveness in the world stage, and expand the environment analysis market share. SII NanoTechnology Inc. first entered the business of developing and manufacturing fluorescent X-ray coating thickness gauges in 1970, and has been continuously engaged in the development, manufacture, and sales of fluorescent X-rays analyzers and fluorescent X-ray coating thickness gauges over 35 years. By making best use of SII NanoTechnologies’ proprietary and unique X-ray analysis technology, the company has been supplied wide range of products; the company released fluorescent X-ray coating thickness gauges equipped with in-house semiconductor detector ideal for microscopic analysis in 1988, the portable, compact and lightweight fluorescent X-ray analyzers in 1999, and liquid-nitrogen-free high-sensitivity fluorescent X-ray monitors for hazardous substances in 2004. Radiant was established in Northridge, California, in 2001 by Jan. S. Iwanczyk, Ph.D. and Bradley E. Patt, Ph.D. and has been engaged in the development, manufacture and sales of Silicon drift type X-ray detectors. Radiants’ customers represent some of the finest industrial equipment manufacturers in the world, as well as many national laboratories and research facilities around the world. The Radiants’ X-ray detectors have achieved accolades due to its large size, very high count rates, excellent energy resolution and liquid nitrogen-free operation.

[About Radiant Detector Technologies] (as of October 13, 2005)

Company name: Radiant Detector Technologies, LLC
Representative: Jan S. Iwanczyk (President)
Establishment: 2001
Business Description: Development, manufacture, and sales of X-ray detectors
Number of Employees: 13
Fiscal Year: January to December
Head office: 19355 Business Center Dr., Suite #9, Northridge, CA 91324, and U.S.A.

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